A Salmon Fishing Adventure

Salmon is healthy to eat and can be used to create a variety of main courses and side dishes. Fishing for salmon in the cold waters of the Northwestern US can be challenging and exciting. Learn how to prepare for this type of fishing expedition, plus research transport methods that will get your fresh catches back home safely. Species Salmon are prevalent in many coastal regions. Northwestern US waters are often featured during fishing expeditions. Read More 

Is Jiu-Jitsu Right For My Child?

Every parent wants to ensure their child is protected and able to defend themselves as best as possible, but a lot of parents get nervous around the idea of sending their child to a class built around self-defense. After all, you bring up your kid to try and avoid violence, but maybe you're worried about them learning physically defensive moves. Here are a few reasons why jiu-jitsu can be a great opportunity for your child as they develop into an adult. Read More 

Things To Know Before You Start Shopping For Playground Equipment

There are so many different types of playground equipment available today. There are wood systems, plastic systems, setups made for small age ranges, and setups made for multiple ages. As such, it's easy to feel a bit overwhelmed if you're simply scrolling through your playground equipment options. An easy way to simplify the process is to get clear on a few things before you even start shopping. Here are the key things to know. Read More 

3 Things To Know About Pistol Silencers

Are you interested in getting a pistol silencer, but do not know a lot about them? It will help to know the following three things about them so that you know what to expect. Silencers Only Suppress The Noise Many people have the wrong expectations about what a pistol silencer actually does. This is because of the misconception caused by television shows and movies that show pistol silencers as being near silent. Read More 

Useful Steps For Those Looking To Purchase Rifle Scope Mounts

If you plan on putting a scope on your rifle, you'll need a scope mount to support this accessory. These mounts are very easy to add to rifles and come in a lot of different specs. You'll navigate the scope mount marketplace just fine though by taking these steps. Make Sure Bolts Install Flush To get a scope mount on your rifle, you'll have to use bolts. Make sure that when they're secured into the scope mount positioned on your rifle, they don't stick out and instead remain flush. Read More