Four Reasons Why You Should Tie Your Own Fishing Flies

Fly tying is a hobby, but it can also be a hobby that makes money. In addition to it garnering extra pocket cash, there are multiple reasons why you should get into this hobby. Some of the best reasons for it are as follows.

It Is An Art Form

No joke; fly tying is an art form. There is a subculture of people who spend hours creatively designing and tying fishing flies. There are competitions for the most creative, most inventive, and most beautiful flies tied. There are photography books on the subject. There have even been art gallery exhibits on the subject. If you feel that you cannot possibly be talented or creative in any other way, try fly tying. You may just find that you have your own creative niche after all.

It Is Very Relaxing

Most people who purchase fly tying materials and get into this hobby find that it is very relaxing. You are detaching yourself from the worries and concerns of the day and giving yourself permission to step away from other responsibilities. Being able to take anxious energy and/or stress and turn it into something useful, and possibly attractive, in a creative way is very relaxing.

You Can Test Your Flies After You Make Them (Which Is Also Very Relaxing)

A lot of people who like to fish get into fly tying because it relates so closely to one of their other favorite hobbies; fishing. They tie their own flies, and then they actually take these flies fishing with them to see how well the flies work and how the fish respond to them. When you test the flies you made, you are also participating in fishing, which is another relaxing hobby.

​Fly Tying Keeps Finger Joints Loose And Nimble

As you age, you may find that your finger joints get stiff and possibly painful. Finding a hobby that keeps the fingers moving, bending, and stretching helps reduce stiffness and pain. Some people knit, crochet, or do needlepoint. Others do fly tying, woodworking, or leather work. Regardless of what you choose, your fingers will thank you for it.

There Are All Sorts Of Supplies for Fly Tying

Take a class at a local fishing and bait shop on how to tie flies. These classes usually give you what you need to get started with the cost of the class, although you might also want to buy a stabilizing table tool that holds the fish hook as you tie thread and other baubles onto it. The fishing and bait shop will sell a lot of other fly tying materials, if you decide you want to buy more supplies when the class is over.

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