Child Getting Bored? Two Types Of Dance Classes You Can Sign Them Up For

If your child is getting bored at home, instead of letting them sit in front of the television or computer all day, consider signing them up for a dance class. This will not only help with their boredom, but it will also allow them to get some exercise while having fun. There are a variety of dance classes available, two of which are listed below. Your child can then decide what type of dancing they would like to learn.

Tap Classes

Tap classes can be fun for your child, and they keep their feet and legs moving. You will have to make sure you purchase the right type of tap shoes before they start the class. The dance studio owner can let you know what type of tap shoes you should purchase.

There are different styles of tap classes your child will learn. One style is Broadway tap. With this type, your child will be taught to focus on their tap dancing instead of the musicality. Freestyle tap is also available which is a lot of fun for children. This is because they can tap any way they please, as there are no guidelines or rules they have to follow.

Rhythm tap focuses on the sounds of the music while tapping. In most cases, your child will use the heel of their tap shoes, as well as scrape their shoes across the floor while dancing. The music is played very softly so everyone can focus on the sounds they hear from the tap shoes.

Hip-Hop Classes

Another type of dance your child may enjoy learning is hip-hop, which is very energetic and expressive. Your child will first start learning basic hip-hop dance moves and will learn much about music rhythm.

As with tap classes, there are a variety of hip-hop moves your child will be taught. One common type that children generally start learning is break dancing. This type of hip-hop can be difficult in the later stages. To make it much easier for your child, they will start with basic moves, such as rolling their arms, standing on their heels, and doing simply spins on the floor.

They will start out by listening to hip-hop music to get a feel for how it sounds, and then they will dstart learning the different dance moves.

Talk with a dance studio owner about these types of dance styles, as well as others they likely offer, such as jazz and ballet.