How To Stop Pests From Invading Your RV In Storage

When you place your RV in storage, horrible pests might see your home as the perfect place to setup shop. You will want to prepare your RV so that pests will have a more difficult time invading it. The following steps are a good place to start. 

Block Off Access Areas

Think about all of the areas where pests can gain access to your RV. For example, they may use roof and appliance vents to gain access to your RV when the gas is not running.

Install insect screens throughout the exterior of your RV. These prevent insects from entering your RV through exterior openings. They can be placed over your vents and hookups. Don't leave any windows or doors open. There are better ways to ventilate your RV.

Check the undercarriage for loose panels or gaps. Bugs and rodents will often try to sneak in through these openings. Check your air conditioner vents and filters and make sure to replace them. Make sure there are no openings that can allow pests to enter. 

Remove Food

Regardless of the threat of pests, you should always make sure your RV is very clean before you put it in storage. Food, grease and other forms of debris can wear out your RV and will also attract pests. Rotting fruit and vegetables are the most likely to attract pests. Remove even food items that can be stored for the long-term, such as canned goods. Clean out the refrigerator and freezer. Wash down all surfaces within the kitchen. Look out for hidden crumbs in the microwave. 

Eliminate Moisture

A common reason pests are attracted to a space is that it is not kept dry. Moisture can also cause water damage and give your RV a musty odor. To keep your RV nice and dry, make sure that it has great seals and great ventilation. If you notice any rubber seals that are damaged, make sure to repair them quickly.

To make sure that your RV has enough ventilation, consider investing in roof vent covers. These not only allow for the RV to stay well-ventilated but also prevent pests from entering your RV.

If you choose a climate-controlled storage unit for your RV, it will usually be better protected from pests than a unit that isn't climate-controlled. If your RV will be plugged in and have electricity, consider getting ultrasonic pest repellers. Each of these measures will make it much less likely that your RV will suffer a pest infestation. For more information, contact an RV storage company like Drydock Depot RV Boat Storage.