Archery Hunting: Why You Need Tree Stand Climbing Sticks

You consider yourself an avid hunter, and you prefer archery hunting to classic shotgun and rifle hunting. This means you have to be creative when stalking your game because you have to be within a closer range to shoot your target with the ideal shot.

You have a variety of hunting accessories to make your archery experience more successful. You wear camo to protect yourself and hide your identity in tall grasses and trees, and you use musk and scent blockers to keep yourself from being detected. You know the best way to capture the best shot angle for your deer, elk, and other prey is to hunt from trees, but you're limited to how high you can climb based on your current climbing skills and the type of tree you scale. If there aren't a lot of branches to climb into, you are left having to stalk your prey in the underbrush or in lower-hanging branches, which can limit your chances of success. 

You can up your hunting game by investing in tree stand climbing sticks. Discover why you need tree stand climbing sticks and ask about various brands and styles at your local sporting goods store.

Easy Setup

Tree stand climbing sticks are essentially climbing posts you attach to trees to give you a makeshift ladder to scale up large trees. You use these sticks when there are no supportive branches to help you reach your final destination. These sticks are easy to set up and can be carried in your hunting pack for use wherever you choose to hunt.

Safer hunting

You risk falling out of a tree and getting seriously injured when you climb a tree without assistance. When you have tree stand climbing sticks, you give yourself supportive and safe footholds to support your weight as you move around. You gain better access to your tree stand, and you are able to leave the climbing sticks in place so that you can climb in and out of your tree stand to gather food, supplies, and other gear as needed.

Better experience

Since you don't want to be limited in where you can place a tree stand, use tree stand climbing sticks to give you a better hunting experience. You gain more places to place your tree stand when you give yourself accessibility with this beneficial hunting aide. Your hunting supply specialist will show you how to set up tree stand climbing sticks, so you're prepared the first time you use them.