Rving With Your Kids? Look For An RV With These Three Features

Families that enjoy traveling find that RVing to their destination is an excellent way to keep their transportation and lodging costs within their budgets, while simultaneously ensuring that their children always have a familiar place to sleep. When RVing with kids, there are a few features that can make your trip more comfortable. Here are a few family-friendly options you should explore when shopping for a Jayco RV.

1. Slide-Out Rooms

If you have concerns that your family might feel cramped when gathering in the living space of your RV, consider purchasing a model with at least one slide-out room. A slide-out is a wall within the RV that pushes out, expanding the amount of space in the RV's interior. Many families find that these slide-outs help them feel like they are constantly on top of one another during their travels.

You can also choose the location of the slide-out room so that you obtain additional space in the areas where your family needs it most. Some travelers opt for slide-outs in the bedrooms, while others prefer additional space in the kitchen or dining area. It's even possible to select an RV with multiple slide-outs. When it's time to hit the road, just maneuver the slide-outs back into place to return the RV to its original size. 

2. Bunk Beds And Hideaway Mattresses

Families with children know that kids love to bring along friends and other family members when it's time for a vacation. Instantly expand the sleeping capacity of your RV while minimizing the amount of space you must devote to housing beds with bunk beds and hideaway mattresses.

Bunk beds place one sleeping space on top of another, preserving your RV's square footage, while hideaway mattresses are easily concealed in inconspicuous areas when you don't need them. Some RV models even have bunk beds with heavier weight capacities so that adults and older teens can also utilize these areas. 

3. A Kitchen Island

It seems like practically every kitchen could use a bit more counter space, and a kitchen island is an excellent way to boost the counter space in your RV. You can use the kitchen island for meal prep, or you can place a few stools around it so that it doubles as an eating space. Should your kids need to do some homework on your trip, or require a space whether they can work on a craft or project, the kitchen island makes for a fantastic area to get their work done.