Did You Just Get Your First Field Dressing Knife Set? 3 Tips To Keep The Blades In Prime Condition

Keeping your hunting equipment in good condition means that you will always be ready to hit your favorite spot as soon as the season opens up. Out of all of your gear, your field dressing knife set is one of the most important things to have during your hunt, and a quality set can last many years with proper care. Now that you've got your first set of knives, you can use these tips to keep it in the best condition possible.

Only Use Your Knives for Skinning

An outdoor lifestyle means that you frequently encounter situations where you need a knife. While it might be tempting to grab your skinning knife set when you need to cut rope or other supplies, you need to be aware that using your knives for anything other than the intended purpose is the fastest way to wear them down. Make sure to carry an all-purpose knife that you can use for those tasks that pop up along the trails. This way, your knife set will be as sharp as it can be when you need it for dressing your kill.

Know When to Sharpen the Blades

A sharper knife is always safer to use on game meat, since it prevents you from having to use too much pressure to make a cut. Depending upon the type of game that you are dressing, you may need to sharpen the blade in the field, which is why it is best to carry a sharpening tool with you. Your knives also need professional sharpening periodically, especially if you are not trained on how to sharpen blades properly. Try to never wait until the blades are completely dull because it is harder to sharpen them once they reach that point. 

Keep Them Clean and Dry

Once you've finished the field dressing, you need to make sure to rinse the knife off with water or snow. At the very least, wipe it down with a clean, non-abrasive cloth. This helps to prevent the metal blade from getting corroded. Once you are home, clean it thoroughly with soap and water before drying it completely. You can then add some oil to the knife to further prevent rust while it is in storage.

The thrill of the hunt is so much sweeter when you know that you have everything you need to butcher your catch right then and there. This season, make sure to take care of your new skinning knife set so that you never hit a snag with your field dressing tasks.