3 Easy Agility Ladder Drills For Beginner Baseball Players

Agility ladder drills can be really beneficial for baseball players. They can teach players to be lighter on their toes, to move from side to side more quickly, and to run more swiftly to the next base. But once you lay that agility ladder down on the floor or grass, what do you do next? Here are some awesome drills for beginners and new baseball players.

Sideways Hops

This is one of the simplest drills and one that has a lot of payoffs. Sideways hops over the agility ladder teach you to hop to the side, and also strengthens your core. You start by standing sideways with one of your shoulders facing the ladder. Then, you hop into the first box of the ladder with both feet at the same time. Keep your shoulders square, and keep looking ahead as you jump. Then, jump again into the next square. Then, jump again into the next — and so forth, until you reach the other end of the ladder. Turn around, with the opposite shoulder facing the ladder this time, and hop your way back down to the starting point. 

As you get better at these sideways hops, you can start skipping squares with each hop. Having to hop a little further sideways each time will further strengthen your core.

Forward Shuffle

Here's another one that will make you quick on your feet. It may help you get those few last strides in without overshooting the base. All you need to do is face forward and shuffle, as quickly as you can, from square to square, all of the way down the ladder. Move one foot at a time, making sure both feet step in every square. Time yourself, and each time you do this exercise, try to beat your previous time.

Lunge Steps

This one will really strengthen your thighs and core, and it will also stretch out your legs and midsection, which might help you reach to catch that ball! Stand facing the drill ladder. Lunge forward three or four squares, depending on how long your legs are. Really sink your weight down, bending your front leg to 90 degrees. Hold this position, and then lunge forward again with the opposite leg. Keep repeating this movement to the end of the ladder, and then work your way back.

These three agility ladders exercises are easy for beginners to do, and they're really good for baseball players. Doing them a couple of times per week will really bring your level of athleticism up. For more information about using a baseball agility ladder, contact a local sports store.