Why You Should Get Seats in the Upper Deck

When you decide that you'll take your family to any type of sporting event, choosing where to get your tickets is a decision that will shape your experience at the game. It can be tempting to buy tickets for seats that are as close to the field as possible, but you shouldn't automatically proceed with this idea.

Another option is to buy seats in the upper deck of the stadium. While they're admittedly a considerable distance from the field, they still offer several advantages. Here's why seats in the upper deck can be a good choice.

You Can See the Entire Field

While seats that are close to the field will allow you to see the players from just a few yards away, their drawback is that you can't always see the entire field of play. At a baseball game, for example, you might have trouble being able to tell whether a ball is fair or foul because you can't see how close it lands to the line. This isn't a concern when you sit in the upper deck. From this elevated vantage point, you can typically see the entire field of play. You may find that you appreciate the game experience more from being able to see everything.

You Can Often Get Them at the Last Minute

Seats that are close to the field are highly desirable, including for corporations that buy season tickets to distribute among their clients. This can mean that at some sports venues, seats that are close to the action can sell out quickly—making them difficult to buy if you decide at the last minute that you'll take your family to a game. Often, you'll have less trouble buying seats in the upper deck at the last minute, in part because at many venues, the upper deck sections can be larger in size than those that are close to the field. More seats in the upper deck results in more availability, even shortly before game time.

You Can Enjoy a Fun Atmosphere

At lots of sports venues, the atmosphere in the upper deck seats can be more lively than in the seats at field level—perhaps because a lot of corporate types occupy the seats that are closer to the field. Fans in the upper deck are often there to have a good time, so you and your family will get involved with funny chants, doing the wave, and more. Look online for an upcoming family-friendly sporting event in your area.