4 Things To Consider When Designing A Horse Run-In Shelter

Whether used for recreational purposes or for emotional support, your horse is most likely a part of your family. Therefore, you will want to keep this family member safe, secure, healthy, and happy at all times. Your house is not an ideal space for your horse, but building a shelter on your property can be beneficial. Not only will it provide them a safe space all of their own, but your horse will also feel more secure and content in their own run-in shelter. Read More 

Do You Play Bocce To Improve Flexibility? Consider A Ball Retriever To Help Even More

When exercising, many people focus strictly on cardiovascular health and muscle strength. This mistake can be a major problem because flexibility is often just as important for your overall health as strength and cardiovascular health. Thankfully, sports like bocce can increase flexibility while bocce ball retrievers can make this sport even more fun and safe. Poor Flexibility Can Contribute To Other Problems People who don't take the time to stay flexible are dooming themselves to a variety of problems. Read More 

3 Reasons A Center Console Boat Is Great For Beginners

If you're a beginner who is hoping to buy your first boat, you've probably been looking excitedly at all of the boats that are out there. Making the decision of what type of boat you're going to buy as your first boat can be extremely challenging, but a center console boat is often a great choice. These are some of the reasons why these boats are actually great for beginners. Read More